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VapRlok Energy & Water Conservation Systems

Cost Effective

Saves money on heating, in both cold & warm conditions. Blocks extensive evaporation losses in summer months, reducing trucking, transfer & water costs.


Blocks Evaporation

In cold & windy conditions, heat loss is costly. In hot & dry conditions, evaporative losses & cost can be extremely high. The VapRlok lid stops nearly all evaporation.


Wildlife Deterrence

Significantly reduces a major environmental hazard by protecting & isolation tank contents from birds & other wildlife.

Reusable and Environmental

The VapRlok lid floats with changing water levels, stays flexible in extreme temperatures and is 100% reusable. This protects the environment rather than stuffing landfills with disposable netting & tarp covers.


Safe, Easy Deployment

Rigged up immediately after tank setup in only a few hours using Hydra trained crews & picker trucks. Can also be installed on full tanks & storage pits.

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Our Hydra trained crews specialize in safe & economical delivery, installation & removal of our rental VapRlok lid system. the VapRlok modular lid design enables any configuration to be constructed on site in order to cover your clean water supply in frac pits, storage tanks of any size or shape.

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