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Hydra now offers bioengineered erosion control systems that immediately halt shoreline and hillside erosion while promoting vegetation.

Erosion control before and after


DredgeSOX® Erosion Control is designed with a double layer of knitted polyethylene mesh that is filled by dredging shallow sediment into the containment unit. Upon installation, SOX creates a new fully integrated immediately solid and secure living shoreline. DredgeSOX® is our preferred method when a water body is part of the project. Unlike other erosion restoration options that are on the market, DredgeSOX® is relatively quicker to install and has little to no impact on surrounding property.
ShoreSOX erosion control, Hydra International LTD


ShoreSOX® Erosion Control immediately halts soil erosion and re-stabilizes shorelines and hillsides using an open-ended containment system that is filled with a locally sourced organic media such as blow-in mulch. ShoreSOX®
is designed with a knitted polyethylene soft armor cover that is lined with burlap. This gives SOX its maximum moisture retention capabilities that allows us to vegetate new living shorelines, even in arid climate condition. The short term and long term impacts include an immediately stable shoreline which adds aesthetic value to all properties, an improved and enhanced ecosystem, and mitigating safety risks for residents, workers, and staff.
erosion control, SOXfence


SOXfence® Silt & Sediment Control is the next generation of protective project fencing that reduces water encroachment, retains sediments, and serves as a containment barrier. Installers need fewer stakes and can
be flexible with the fence path. Plus, no more trenching. SOXfence was specifically designed to mitigate silt/sediment for perimeter control with in-water works applications. It creates a safe and healthy environment for wildlife and aquatic habitats. SOXfence® is made from a reinforced
heavy-duty polyethylene material that will NOT leachate into waterways. SOXfences® knitted construction will not unravel if torn, unlike traditional silt fence products.
Superior alternative to MTO/OPSD Wire Back Silt Fence
Safe for wildlife, fish and other aquatic habitats
Heavy duty fabrication allows for multiple uses
Patented anchoring system creates positive contact to soil
without digging
Saves on installation costs vs. traditional methods
Can be used for in-water work & perimeter control
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