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This 14’x52’x6″ HydraTrax Portable Spill Containment is freshly drained after Hydrotesting & ready to deliver to another valued client. Unlike the majority of containments available on the market, HydraTrax is actually industry grade, made with 72 mil RPP high visibility tread material & 60 mil plain RPP for core & edges. Yes, they cost a bit more than standard foam edge containments that are typically made with LLDP or other cheap materials! But the HydraTrax difference is clear, you can repair these units repeatedly after each project, you have significantly reduced your slip fall injuries, provided your workers with comfort & piece of mind while protecting our precious environment & groundwater! Thinking you are saving money buying cheap disposable containments that are piling up in our landfills is a serious & very common mistake!! HydraTrax is designed for high reusability, easy to clean & repair, comes in any custom size you need & is available as a retail or rental item, but most of all, HydraTrax goes the distance & stays out of the landfill up to 20 times longer than most containments out there, sounds like a no brainer to me!! Call 1-855-887-9916 to line up yours today!!

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