• Mission

    Hydra is dedicated to promoting awareness, pre-planning, and execution of the latest flood protection technologies. Our goal is simple; to provide municipal districts, commercial, and private property owners with a solid solution to ongoing flood problems. Many companies focus on the sale of one product, while Hydra conducts extensive testing and comparison of all types of flood protection equipment in order to provide our clients with the best option based on actual conditions.

    When you become a Hydra International client, you can expect a long-term relationship with a company that genuinely cares about your well-being and piece of mind for years to come.

    On the environmental aspect of hydra, we continue our quest to provide unique options for ground water and worker protection with state of the art products!

  • Core Values

    Hydra not only promotes a culture of passionate drive, accountability, trust and pride; but we practice all of these core values on a daily basis. Our management and employees work together to ensure all voices are heard, ideas are brought to fruition, and credit is shared amongst everyone,

    It is very important that our team enjoys coming to work and experiences an exciting atmosphere with a serious goal of making a difference.


HYDRA provides state of the art flood mitigation options for vulnerable property owners, starting with an engineered assessment and review. We then determine the best options for protection and deliver it in a fully equipped package with a deployment contract option that not only gets your pre-purchased equipment installed, but once the water levels recede, we will service and pack your equipment away so it is maintained and ready for the next time it is required.

HYDRA custom builds portable containment berms that not only keep spills from hitting the ground and contaminating our ground water. HydraTrax provides a safe non slip work area to keep the boots on the ground upright and stable, we provide both rental and retail options. HydraTrax is available across North America!

HYDRA prides itself in the ability to take a challenge and turn it into a problem solving product or procedure, with almost 40 years in the industrial sector, the wheels are always turning!

The Concept

Specialized high-tech flood mitigation, water management, environmental protection and erosion control equipment tailored to your specific property protection needs,

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The Service

Hydra trained, Secor certified crews on call 24/7.

Safe, reliable and efficient deployment/installation.

Flexible short term, long term rental and retail options

Emergency Flood Control

Water Diversion - Property Protection

Pipeline Break - Chemical Spill Isolation

Construction Site Isolation - Power Station protection

Erosion Control

Lined Pit Segregation - River, Creek Diversions

Bridge, Weir, Marina, Boat Launch Repairs

The Technology

IBS Systems - Permanent concrete base with removable flood panels for use in reoccurring flood zones

Muscle Wall - Interlocking water filled hard wall designed for extreme flood conditions

HydraShield - Interlocking hard wall flood panels constructed to control rising still-water on flat surfaces

Rapid H2O - An alternative to sandbags, the Rapid H2O system is very successful in flood damage protection with a far lower carbon footprint.

What We Do Best

  • Flood Protection

    Flood control and prevention for property protection.

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  • Environmental Protection

    Portable primary and secondary containment solutions designed for worker and environmental protection in any industry.

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  • Water Management

    Construction Site isolation, Chemical Spill Isolation, Power Station Protection, Erosion Control, Lined Pit Segregation, River/Creek Diversions, Bridge, Weir, Marina, Boat launch Repairs & More!

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  • Erosion Control

    Erosion control systems that immediately halt shoreline and hillside erosion while promoting vegetation.

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