Hydra now offers bioengineered erosion control systems that immediately halt shoreline and hillside erosion while promoting vegetation.


DredgeSOX Erosion Control is designed with a double layer of knitted polyeethylene mesh that is filled by dredging shallow sediment into the containment unit. Upon installation, SOX creates a new fully integrated immediately solid and secure living shoreline. DredgeSOX is our preffered method when a water body is part of the project. Unlike other erosion restoration options that are on the market, DredgeSOX is relatively quicker to install and has little to no impact on surrounding property.


ShoreSOX Erosion Control immediately halts soil erosion and re-stabalizes shorelines and hillsides using an open-ended containment system that is filled with a locally sourced organic media such as blow-in mulch. ShoreSOX is designed with a knitted polyethylene soft armor cover that is lined with burlap. This gives SOX its maximum moisture retention capabilities that allows us to vegetate new living shorelines, even in arid climate conditions. The short term and long term impacts include an immediately stable shoreline which adds aesthetic value to all properties, an improved ecosystem, and mitigating safety risks for residents, workers and staff.