Pipeline/Facility Construction

HydraFloat Tank Support Systems

100% recycled HDPE plastic made to be
systematically placed under tanks/vessels in order
to allow air circulation, prevent ground contact to
significantly reduce rust, corrosion & oxidization.
HydraFloat will never rot, rust or degrade, has
stronger compressive strength than wood, light
weight at 34 lbs with no water logging or
contaminant saturation. (lifetime warranty)
4” True elevation lift, easy to install with no tools
required & multiple base configurations for any
shape or size requirements.
Replace countless wood plank use & Poly pads that
can absorb hydrocarbons/contaminants once
surface coating is scratched, leading to tank rotting.
Highly economical & reusable with outstanding
transport logistics.
Fact: Several recent inspections have proven to
indicate a high risk of tank bottom failures due to
trapped moisture and lack of air circulation!